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Things You Don’t Want to Overlook if You’re Having A Winter Wedding

December 26, 2017 | Posted in Events, Holidays, Weddings

Winter weddings can be some of the most gorgeous. There’s something about the crisp white snow, evergreen trees, and natural elements of the season that make it worthwhile. If you’re planning a winter wedding in New Jersey, you need to be prepared. As the state is known to have pretty harsh snow storms throughout the year, you want to make sure you don’t overlook important details that could turn your day upside down. Below, are a few winter wedding planning tips you don’t want to overlook.

East Windsor Ballroom Bride and Groom

A Snow Storm

Unfortunately, winters in New Jersey can be very unpredictable. There can be weeks where the weather is humid and above average and weeks where the snowfall is heavy. You need to prepare for the worst-case scenario. Talk with your wedding venue about potential snow dates and discounts in the event that there’s a storm on your day. You may also want to discuss backup dates just in case no one can make it.

winter wedding invitation

Fewer RSVPs

Not everyone feels comfortable traveling in inclement weather and as such, may decline to come to your big day. It is imperative that you’re prepared for this when planning your winter wedding. Keep an eye on weather reports, but also talk with your wedding venue staff about local hotels or on-site accommodations.

Groom Holiday Wedding

Scheduling Around the Holidays

As tempting as it might be to plan your winter wedding around holiday time, it could cause some scheduling issues. Many people like to plan vacations or go out of town around the holidays, so you’ll want to keep that in mind. Planning your wedding too close to a holiday like Christmas or New Year’s may not produce as many RSVPs as it would if you were to plan it a week or two before or after the holiday season.

Perks and Discounts for Winter Weddings

Though there are a lot of obstacles to overcome with planning a winter wedding, there are also a lot of bonuses. For instance, those who get married in the winter can save more money on their wedding. Our Winter Wonderland package would supply you with everything you need to pull off your big day plus some extra special inclusions just for winter weddings. Winter Wonderland weddings can even take advantage of discounted rates on guest rooms so your wedding guests won’t have to drive home in inclement weather. With discounts for weddings in December, January, and February and percentages off if it snows, you can increase your savings. (Prices and packages are subject to change at any time) Inquire with us today about how to make your New Jersey winter wedding the perfect day for you.


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