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6 Inspiring Wedding Ring Photographs

August 14, 2015 | Posted in Trends, Weddings

Finding the perfect wedding rings is a significant wedding planning step, but once you exchange them in your ceremony, don’t forget about them! Your wedding rings are the ultimate symbol of your marriage, so why not give them a little attention on your wedding day?

Detailed shots of your wedding bands can often be overlooked, but the right photograph can produce a memory of the day you are bound to cherish. Ring photos are a beautiful way to pay homage to your wedding’s theme and capture details of your wedding venue. To honor these ultimate symbols of getting married, we rounded up a collection of how our NJ brides and grooms showed off their wedding bling.

For easy inspiration, try a photo that reflects your wedding’s theme. The simple heart-shaped rope gave this couple new meaning to “tying the knot.” Simple but sweet, this photo brought together the couple’s nautical-inspired wedding.


Use the rings to begin your wedding day story, like this NJ couple did. Posing the rings with the invitation sets the stage for the day and preserves the memory that can last for years after the invitation does.


Don’t underestimate the great outdoors! This couple was brave enough to set their rings into the snow. We’d hate to think of how cold that was, but adore how their rings shine so brightly in the pure white. This photo is a winter wedding’s dream shot!


Another equally daring wedding idea for brides and grooms is posing them in the sand. It seems like a crazy idea, but once you see how this photo looks, you’ll be convinced that it will be a must for your Jersey Shore wedding.

shutterstock_298586504 (1)

Wear the rings with a little personality. How cute are the smiling thumbs in this photo? It doesn’t have to be all fun and games, though; even a close shot of you and your spouse’s hands can create a moment that is simple but meaningful.


Ladies: use your accessories. Propping the rings up, especially against a bright flower petal or glamourous high heels, makes for a colorful, unique picture of the rings. One NJ bride slipped her ring right between her blue wedding shoes, and the result is incredible:


NJ brides and groooms, don’t forget that our four Hotels Unlimited venues have plenty of spaces for inspirational wedding ring photos – from the stunning property grounds to the bridal suite to our elegant ballrooms. Check any of our wedding venues to get more ideas and inspiration.

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