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13 Cute and Creative Ceremony Send-Off Ideas

June 30, 2015 | Posted in Trends, Weddings

“You may now kiss!” Your guests clap and you watch as you walk down the aisle as a married couple. Why not give them a way to participate and cheer on your new marriage?! We know what you’re thinking, “rice and confetti are SO outdated and messy” and “bubbles are cute but EVERYONE does bubbles.” If you’re creative and you’re putting a lot of time into your wedding decorations or theme, you want to come up with a unique ceremony send-off as well. We’ve compiled a short list of unusual ideas for your nj wedding ceremony send-off that you can make yourself or buy without blowing your budget.

Ribbon Wands or “Wedding Wands”


These are so stinkin’ cute we can’t stand it! Guests will wave them while you walk down the aisle and the ribbons wave in the air like streamers giving you that fan-fare feeling. Not only are they mess-free but you can match the ribbon colors to your wedding colors and they make for adorable photos. You can find made-to-order wands on Etsy or you can make your own by going to a home improvement store and picking up some thin wood dowels, glue, and some ribbon from the crafts store. Check out Pinterest for some ideas

Spirit/sports pom-poms


College or High-School sweethearts? Sports theme within your wedding? Or just plain competitive with each other? This might be the perfect ceremony send-off for you! You’re the Mr&Mrs-VP for the day so have your acceptance speech ready and be sure to thank your biggest fans. (Foam fingers will also work well for a sports theme wedding). You can shop for pom-poms online at shops like this.

“Yay!” “Congrats” or “Woo!” flags


These little flags can come in any shape or size, match your wedding colors and fonts, or anything your imagination can think of. It’s a great way for guests to express their happiness with enthusiasm. Something about waving a little flag that says “Yay” or “Yipee” or “Cheers” just makes us smile, like being at your own little parade. Use construction paper or fabric, glue, and wooden dowels to make your own, or buy pre-made flags and iron-on the letters like in this tutorial.

American flag, international flags, or family crest flags

For a 4th of July themed, summer bbq themed, or military wedding, American flags are a bold and patriotic ceremony send-off option. Travel-minded couples might want to go with a variety of international flags for guests to wave. For a touch of heritage, you can make your own family crest flags to wave at your ceremony. Either way, let the flags fly!



This idea is similar to the “yay” flags on the cuteness scale, but not as wave-able. They are perfect for summertime outdoor ceremonies in areas with a slight breeze. Have your guests hold them into and along the sides of the aisle as you walk back down after your I-Do’s. You can make them yourself with colorful scrap-book paper or buy them online

Make some noise!

2011-12-31_RHF_Carter_Christina Lilly Photography_0238

Having a New Year’s Eve wedding? Why not have your own countdown to the kiss and celebrate your ceremony with noise-makers? Have your officiant announce a 10-second countdown after he/she pronounces the couple married until he/she says “you may now kiss” and have all your guests count down out loud. Make sure everyone has a noisemaker to whirl around or toot as the couple kisses and walks back down the aisle. What a great way to keep the energy of a new marriage celebration going into the new year!

Shake it!

If you are going for a DIY- bohemian or musical theme, tambourines, maracas, whistles, or mini bongos might be a great way for guests to “play you off.”

Paper planes


Are you both bookworms? Do you nerd-out to English Lit? Do you love to travel? Or maybe you both teach elementary school. How much fun is it to bring in your personality and interests with a paper-plane send-off? Make little paper planes in your wedding colors and fold them up neatly, perhaps put them in envelopes to keep the folds tight. Make sure the tip is not sharp since they will be flying everywhere. For an added personal touch, ask your guests to write a little congratulatory message on the plane before the ceremony starts and after you say I-Do, let them fly!



For a summery, tropical, tea/garden party, or even classic romantic themed wedding, consider giving guests fans to not only cool themselves (if outdoors) but to wave in the air at the end of your ceremony. For a tropical look, try palm leaf fans and for a classic, European, or romantic look, try a colored, painted, or intricately cut folding fans. You can even have custom-printed fans that double as programs.

Beach balls

We know that location is always a premium, especially with ocean views. If you were hoping for a nautical themed wedding on the water, but ended up away from the shore to save money, you can still bring your love of the sea with you. In addition to shells, anchors, star-fish, blue stripes, and nautical pendants, consider supplying your guests with mini beach balls. Have them toss the beach balls into the air and across the aisle as you make your way out of your ceremony.

Sparklers not allowed? Use glow-sticks!


If you have a late wedding ceremony or it’s in a dim and moody setting, you may want to opt for a little glow. Sadly, some states, including NJ, have laws prohibiting the sale and use of fireworks such as sparklers. The good news is, there is a safer and legal alternative: Glow sticks or fiber-optic wands. You’ll get a warm and colorful glow but you won’t have to worry about catching hair or clothing on fire or hurting yourself. No photograph is worth risking accident or injury for, especially on your wedding day! Afterall, you have a honeymoon to catch!

Are you Star Wars fans?

Consider having guests in the aisle seats hold up lightsabors for you to walk through. To cut costs, give glow sticks to the rest of the guests to wave around.

Balloon release

If you’re planning an outdoor ceremony in the spring or summer, balloons are not only an adorable decoration, but they double as a ceremony send-off. Have your guests release the balloons as you walk down the aisle hand-in-hand. Let your love soar to new heights!

The classics: Rose petals, bubbles, or bells

2014-09-06_DTE_Boyer-Colter-Wedding 03

If you’re having your nj wedding ceremony at any Hotels Unlimited banquet venue, we allow all of the ceremony send-off ideas above, except sparklers. Having your ceremony and wedding reception at the same location lets you have much more creativity in décor and personalization so take the opportunity to make your ceremony send-off special and meaningful to you.

Do you see any ideas you like? Do you have a new idea we didn’t mention? Leave a comment and let us know what you think!



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