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Your NJ Wedding Emergency Checklist

August 9, 2012 | Posted in Events, Weddings

What could be worse than losing the backs of the perfect earrings you are going to wear to your dream wedding in less than twenty-minutes? Maybe finding a tear in your hem or losing that crucial bobby-pin? These crises can be averted with a simple fix. Be prepared.

One thing that NJ brides seem to forget about is being prepared for minor issues that could lead to total emotional chaos, like those situations mentioned above. Keeping all the things that could go wrong in mind, we’ve compiled a list of things that should be included in your “Bridal Survival Kit” on your big day at your central NJ wedding venue.


Folding brush with mirror: for those last minute touches in the limo.

Hair spray: for a touch-up to tame escaped tendrils after taking your wedding photos outside (in the unpredictable New Jersey weather).

Tissues: to dab your eyes or to offer to your mother at your wedding reception and ceremony.

Safety pins: just in case the zipper or clasp on your gown decides to be difficult, or one of your bridesmaids didn’t wear the heels she promised she would and her dress is now too long. (Hem tape can help too!)

Mending kit: for situations that a safety pin can’t fix. (Make sure your colors match the thread!)

Super glue: the crystal adhesives that were supposed to decorate your veil are falling off and they need to be reattached, quick!

Static remover: no stand up hair, or stuck-to-your-face veil.

Pain reliever: for that terrible night sleep you got, for the stress you are putting yourself through, and for the member of your bridal party who has a hangover and needs to perk up.

Breath freshener: no groom wants to kiss a bride with bad breath.

Band-aids: standing for pictures and at the altar all day may result in some really attractive blisters.

Bobby-pins: in case your up-do starts to fall!

Stain remover: that little chocolate strawberry that your mom gave you may not just end up in your mouth.

Waterproof mascara: black tracks down your face are not what you want in your wedding photos.

Nail file and nail polish remover: in case the manicurist missed a spot or you nicked your nail on something.

Earring backs: these things go missing all the time, lost in the carpet, the grass, or just disappear.

Straws: so you can stay hydrated without ruining your make-up!

Clear nail polish: in case you have runs in your stockings or pantyhose.

Flat shoes: for the ceremony, as hours upon hours in heels do not look kindly upon feet.

Lint brush: get all the fuzz off your dress, and off your bridesmaids and the ring-bearer who spent the morning crawling under the beds looking for an escape.

Antacid and upset stomach medicine: nerves can sometimes get the best of us.

And just in case, request one of your bridesmaids to carry a back up “Bridal Emergency Kit” because you just never know.

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